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India Related mailing lists

Note: Lot of mailing lists info is obtained from pages of the list or from postings on the net by somebody on mailing lists or usenet or on the web (Mainly from IIN List and CYBERCOM list). I am just compiling a list of such mailing list related responses.

MAtrimonial/Real Estate mailing list
Hi ppl. !! The mailing list for IIT aspirants is at : To subscribe to it, send a blank mail to : To unsubscribe : To get archived messages : -- Mailing list for Indan Orthopedic surgeons --------
INDIA-GII This is a serious, tech-oriented list that discusses all issues that impact telecom in India. To subscribe, send a message to LISTSERV@CPSR.ORG, with SUBSCRIBE INDIA-GII in the message body.
CYBERCOM This list is about anything and everything to do with the online world in India. To subscribe, send a message to LISTSERV@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU, with SUBSCRIBE CYBERCOM in the message body. URL is
INTERACT INN Calcutta-based software developer, Vani, started this list as a way to let Indian Internauts network with each other. Very much a users forum, you can subscribe by sending an e-mail message to JOIN-IINN-L@LYRIS.MANASKRITI.COM URL is :
TWIN Gurudutt Kamat, technical writer, has been pleasantly surprised by the success of his own list, started for technical writers in India, but with a membership that spans many countries. To subscribe, send a message to LIST@USER.ITCONSULT.CO.UK, with JOIN TWIN in the BODY of the message.
---------------- To subscribe to Cyber Times, point your browser to In the event you are not able to use the web-based subscription form, send mail to with the word subscribe in the first line of the body of the text
One more India List to write about :- Pulse of India Pulse of India is an open discussion list on India and all things Indian, brought to you by India on Internet. You will find it at : Ms Uma Ramamurthy is the moderator of the list, and she brings with her more than four years of experience as the Editor of the very successful India Discussion Digest and India News Digest. Uma has acquired a very large fan following. I invite you to subscribe to Pulse of India, and also to contribute your postings to it.
Hi folks, I think you have forgotten my List. To subscribe send message to with message Subscribe II-L in Subject. Asgar Khan
'Invest-in-India', from India-Invest, is a moderated discussion and announcement list and a meeting ground for Indian and International business people. The list publishes periodical digests which contain the messages of the members as well as the posts recieved in 'Synergy', the other forum of India-Invest and all other opportunities and global tenders featured on the India-Invest site. The present membership is close to 500 and growing. More importantly the membership is spread over 35 countries. The list is modeated by yours truly. :-) Though, I am not entirely sure, I think that this is the only Indian business list. Subscriptions can be made online at or by sending a message to with "Subscribe" in the body without the quotes. -- India-Policy mailing list
How to Join To subscribe to INDOLOGY, send the email message: subscribe indology Your Name (where ``Your Name" is, obviously, your real name) to the address: That will do the trick. Later, messages to (and from) the are sent to: To get a list of members, send the message: review indology to the listserv address. To resign, send the message: unsub indology to In other words, software commands to the listserv address, messages for humans to the indology address. This is an important distinction: too often a message about subscription or unsubscription is erroneously sent out to the ca. 400 members of INDOLOGY as a message, rather than being sent to the address, where it would be interpreted as a command.
How to subscribe To subscribe to either the list or the digest, send a message with just the word `subscribe' (no quotes, here or hereafter) in the Subject, to the request/admin address, that is for the list, and for the digest; similarly, to unsubscribe from either, send a message with just `unsubscribe' in the message subject, to the relevant address. Sending a message with just `help' will result in your receiving this message. In summary, the following commands are possible, all of them actuated by sending a message to the appropriate request address with the appropriate word/string in the subject: Command Action help Sends this file subscribe Subscribes to the Dvaita list/digest unsubscribe Unsubscribes from the Dvaita list/digest In addition, one can send the following commands to ( in the same format (with the relevant word in the subject): send dvaita faq Sends text version of Dvaita FAQ send srv faq Sends text version of FAQ for soc.religion.vaishnava Do not send multiple commands/requests in one message. Each message should contain only one such. Indecipherable commands result in this file being sent to you.
HINDU-D Mailing List
LOOKING The India Information Network of INF Country: US Site: India Network, Bowling Green State Univerity, Bowling Green, OH 43403 Computerized administrator: Human administrator: You can join this group by sending the message "sub LOOKING your name" to
INDIA-L The India News Network of INF Country: US Site: India Network, Bowling Green State Univerity, Bowling Green, OH 43403 Computerized administrator: Human administrator: You can join this group by sending the message "sub INDIA-L your name" to
INDIA-H The India Network Headline News Country: US Site: India Network, Bowling Green State Univerity, Bowling Green, OH 43403 Computerized administrator: Human administrator: You can join this group by sending the message "sub INDIA-H your name" to
INDIA-D The India Discussion Network of INF Country: US Site: India Network, Bowling Green State Univerity, Bowling Green, OH 43403 Computerized administrator: Human administrator: You can join this group by sending the message "sub INDIA-D your name" to
INDIA-E The India Economic Forum of INF Country: US Site: India Network, Bowling Green State Univerity, Bowling Green, OH 43403 Computerized administrator: Human administrator: You can join this group by sending the message "sub INDIA-E your name" to
IMMNET The Immigration Law Forum of INF Country: US Site: India Network, Bowling Green State Univerity, Bowling Green, OH 43403 Computerized administrator: Human administrator: You can join this group by sending the message "sub IMMNET your name" to
FACULTY The Academics of India Origin Network Country: US Site: India Network, Bowling Green State Univerity, Bowling Green, OH 43403 Computerized administrator: Human administrator: You can join this group by sending the message "sub FACULTY your name" to
Purpose of the List Discussion of Jainism, a non-Vedic religion of India. Jainism is one of the world's oldest religious traditions. Although Jainism is little-known in the West, there are at least six million Jains worldwide. Jains, students of Jainism, and interested newcomers are all welcome. Subscribing How do I subscribe to the list? To subscribe to jain-list, send mail to with the words subscribe jain-list in the subject line. Your subscription will be processed automatically. If you have trouble subscribing, e-mail the list administrator at Posting How do I post to the list? Just send your message to Note that this is different from the address for subscriptions and other requests.
MAILING LIST T0 LEARN SAMSKRIT A moderated list set-up by Samskrita Bharati to assist learning of Sanskrit through simple conversational sentences. You will receive five such sentences daily. Sanskrit quotations and answers to your questions are some of the other highlights of the mailing list. Now, you can view Devanagari files as simple HTML Text files ! You just need to install XDVNG font on your machine. Download xdvng font and view today's sentences ! To subscribe to Sanskrit Mailing List send an e-mail to Sanskrit-List with message content as "subscribe sanskrit".
RENEWABLE RESOURCES IN INDIA MAILING LIST Welcome to the Renewing India E-mail discussion group/mailing list. This discussion is intended to be an open forum about any India-specific renewable energy-related issues that you may wish to discuss. Of particular value may be the sharing of case studies and success stories of renewable energy projects currently in use. This may include, but is not limited to, Solar Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal Devices, (i.e., cooking, water and air heating), Wind Energy, Biomass, and Small-Hydropower. To subscribe to this mailing list, if you haven't already, send the following command: subscribe re-discussion "your e-mail address" in the body of an e-mail message to: To remove yourself from this mailing list, send the following command: unsubscribe re-discussion "your e-mail address" in the body of an e-mail message to: Messages to be read by the entire group should be sent to: If you ever need to get in contact with the owner of the list, (if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have questions about the list itself) send email to All administrative messages go to: Note: This is a free flowing discussion among the participants. The sponsors assume no responsibility for the content or accuracy of any posting. Please feel free to read the list without posting. Many newcomers feel more comfortable "lurking" until they get a feel for the group. However, the community is best served when you contribute your thoughts to topics about which you are well-informed.
INDIA ROOTS MAILING LIST If you are interested in researching your British or European ancestors in India, then you might like to join the INDIA mailing list. You can exchange ideas, suggestions, queries, questions and family details with a group of people who are interested in the same subject. The list currently has over 300 members and grows at the rate of about one or two members a day. It's free and you can turn it on or off at any time you like. To subscribe, send an email to containing the single word SUBSCRIBE and nothing else (not even a signature block). You will then be automatically subscribed. To send a message to everyone on the mailing list, just send an email to and it will be automatically sent to all members.
LINUX USERS GROOUP OF INDIA MALING LIST Send mail to The commands MUST be given in the BODY of the message. The mailing-list server supports the following commands: subscribe linux-india unsubscribe linux-india help If you want to know more about the commands supported by the mailing-list server send a message with "help" in the message body. Please remember to send the commands to the mailing-list server (majordomo@...) and not to the mailing-list itself (linux-india@...). Currently the mailing-list doesn't support digest form. Please dont ask me or Arun about it - we answered that question enough times. India Tax related mailing list Created by tejinder Singh rewal
BANGALORE-TALK - Your connection to Bangalore City! BANGALORE-TALK is owned and moderated by Vivek V S and Shweta Kothari To subscribe to BANGALORE-TALK, send the following message to LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM : SUBSCRIBE BANGALORE-TALK Or simply visit
From: Frederick Noronha Subject: Marketing in India Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" >From: Intellec >Subject: NEW: Marketing In India - Email Newsletter > > Marketing In India Email Newsletter via > > > This email newsletter is delivered approximately > once monthly. > > Here you'll discover business success tips, free > offers, and business building resources to help > you profit. > > To start your FREE Subscription to The Genius' > Marketing In India Email Newsletter, send a > blank email message to: > > > Owner: The Genius of Geniuses > > > Discover more profit-building resources for your > business success, online and off, at: >
From: "FREDERICK NORONHA Goa/India." Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 16:48:38 -0600 Reply-To: "FREDERICK NORONHA Goa/India." Sender: il-h-rights on Welcome to the IndiaLink Human Rights Mailing list. 1 Subscription to this mailing list is FREE. All you need is an e-mail address. 2 The name of the list is: 3 This list is meant for questions, answers, concerns, debates related to human rights issues, at all levels. We are hoping that contributions to this list will focus on local level issues too, highlighting violation of human rights, that are often not considered as such, or do not get enough media attention (Sanjoy Ghosh ?), or are over-shadowed by international events and politics. 4 How to Subscribe To subscribe to this mailing list send an e-mail addressed to: Leave the Subject: field blank and in the body of the message type: subscribe il-h-rights 5 How to Post material to the list You will be notified by e-mail once you are included as a subscriber to this list. After this you can directly post your material to this list by sending e-mail to: 6 How to Un-subscribe / sign-off If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list, you can send mail to "" with the following command in the body of your email message: unsubscribe il-h-rights For example if you had subscribed to this list as then you will send the following msg to: unsubscribe il-h-rights This will un-subscribe / remove your name from this list. In case of difficulty please send e-mail to the list owner: Owner: IMPORTANT NOTE: Please DO NOT send "unsubscribe" messages to the list itself. This will NOT unsubscribe you. Instead everyone else on the list will be forced to read your request to be unsubscribed.
The Desi Fashion Report Newsletter on DFRN is a monthly newsletter describing the latest trends and designs in Indian/Pakistani ladies clothing. The list is owned and managed by Silk Threads. To Subscribe, please signup at Web:
Reply-To: Fred Noronha Sender: NEW-LIST - New List Announcements From: Fred Noronha Subject: NEW: IndiaLink Launches Mailing Lists! IndiaLink Lists on The IndiaLink Delhi Host now serves the following mailing lists: Mailing List Name Description ------------------ -------------------------------------------------- il-announce Announcements of new services, mailing lists etc, available at IndiaLink host sites in various cities. General announcements about IndiaLink activities, meetings etc. il-biotech Discussion on Biotechnology issues. il-child-labour Postings on issues related to child labour. Articles, case studies, conference announcements, etc. il-environment Environmental issues mailing list. il-events Announcements of campaigns, meetings, seminars, conferences, training programmes, workshops, being organised by various NGOs and other institutions. il-gender Discussion on gender issues in general, feminist theories, women's movements, meetings etc. (There will soon be seperate mailing lists on specific issues like: Violence against women, etc) il-news General news about people, organisations, events, success stories and the like. il-tribals Postings on problems and issues related to tribal communities. il-vasco-da-gama 5 centuries after Vasco da Gama. From Colonialism to Globalisation. Join this list to contribute to a discussion and critique of trans-border domination and search for alternatives. il-wfs-log Weekly news summaries from Women's Features Service. toxic-link Postings on issues related to toxic pollution, campaigns for cleaner production, pollution prevention technologies, Law and Policy, case studies, waste trade, toxic consumer goods, fresh water and marine pollution, aquaculture issues, energy issues, tourism issues related to environmental pollution etc. We encourage you to contribute to the mailing lists by subscribing to the topics that interest you and posting your views, ideas, thoughts, and experiences. Let us put our minds and hearts together to enrich our contributions to society. We invite individuals and organisations to volunteer as facilitators/moderators of these mailing lists. If you would like to play a role in stimulating discussions on the above topics please get in touch with us. We also invite your suggestions / proposals for setting up mailing lists on other topics to which you would like to make contributions. The mailing lists at IndiaLink are managed automatically by a program called Majordomo. TO SUBSCRIBE: To subscribe to any of these mailing lists, send an e-mail to: leave the Subject: field blank and in the body of the message type the commands: subscribe Where is any of the above listed names and is the e-mail address where you would like to receive the postings. For example: subscribe il-news We hope this service will promote fruitful discussions and valuable information exchanges on these important issues. Let us network for social change! With best wishes, Owner: Leo Fernandez Convenor IndiaLink
PATRIKA DIGEST - To cancel/unsubscribe or get a new subscription send e-mail to: - - To subscribe:> subscribe patrika-digest your-email - To cancel:> unsubscribe patrika-digest your-email - HOW TO SEND MESSAGE TO THE DIGEST ? - Do NOT send the same TEXT more than ONCE. Never send duplicate. - Please write a new email message and delete previous messages/digest - Write a good subject line, Send to-> - You may also post a message via web at - Dont post Ads to digest. Post at - or is not responsible for any contents.
SHANKALU MALING LIST Description: Shankalu is a Sanskrit word meaning a person who raises question in order to learn more about any issue without any preconceived notions and is ready to challenge any authority or in other words he has no 'sacred cows'. This list is basically for communication amongst people who were raised as Hindus but have since grown out of the straight jacket of the religions. There are many lists for non-believers of Christian dogma and Bible etc but none that I know of which does the same kind of analysis of the Hindu scriptures. The list is not moderated and open to people raised in other religions too if they are interested in the critical analysis of Hindu scriptures. It is not to be used as a means for missionaries of other religions to find fault with Hindu religions or philosophy and/or to collect ammunition for converting Hindus to their own cults or faiths. To subscribe send a blank e-mail to: To unsubscribe send a blank e-mail to: Or, to subscribe at the Onelist Site: Archives of WisdomSeekers mailings are maintained at Onelist.Com and can be viewed by pointing your browser to:
Following contributions by Frederick Noronha This is a group of people who belong to Indore, M.P. This list is for Hindi/Urdu Sher-o-Shairi and poetry.
SASIALIT / Literature of South Asia and the Indian diaspora Details: at To send commands to the LISTSERV software, compose an e-mail message to the address "" with the commands in the body of the message. Here are the most important LISTSERV commands for use by SASIALIT subscribers: subscribe sasialit Your Name (to subscribe to the list) unsubscribe sasialit (to unsubscribe from the list)
For all below subscribe and unsubscribe commands are same as above.
PUBLIC HEALTH INDIA / For those interested in improving the public health action in India (and other developing countries).
FOIL / Forum of Indian Leftists
BJPWatch / BJP Government Watch
ARCH-I/ Indian Architecture Discussion list
ASHA / Funders of NGO educational projects in India
BUDDHIST/ Forum on Indian and Buddhist studies owner-buddhist@mcgill1.bitnet
IN-ALUMNI / AIESEC India Alumni list
INDIA-LIS / Library and Information Science in India
INDIA-LM / Legalminds India List
INDIAN-ART / The Indian-Art List
INDIAN-FILM / Music & Entertainment
SANGEET / Classical Music of India
SPICMACAY / Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture amongst Youth
RCH-I/ Indian Architecture Discussion list
IIM India Internet Marketing Contact person: Description: Powerful concepts for Internet Marketing in India. To unsubscribe: mail the command unsubscribe to
India Internet List Home Page: Hosted at: Contact person: Description: Internet India Interactive is unmoderated forum for internet users in india To get more info: mail the command INFO II-L to To unsubscribe: mail the command SUBSCRIBE II-L to To unsubscribe: mail the command UNSUBSCRIBE II-L to
INDIAN HUMOR LIST Description: A Joke List dedicated to Indian Humor and Jokes Group Moderator: To subscribe, send a message to or go to this e-group's home page at
YASHRAJFILMS Description: Welcome my dear friends. This is a mailing list for you Yash Raj Films Fans. And you Shahrukh Khan Fans. Well Basically any Fans of good Indian movies. Group Moderator: To subscribe, send a message to or go the this e-group's home page at
Another set of lists from Muthu Vairavan 1. A discussion list on Information Technology (i.e., computers). To join, send a mail to 2. A list where you can post any of your queries for help. To join, send a mail to 3. A list where information is shared. To join, send a mail to 4. A list for jokes (jokes in English, Hindi, Tamil, etc). To join, send a mail to 5. A list for sharing any mail (such as pictures, HTML mails, long mails) that cannot be posted in the above four. To join, send a mail to
More India related mailing-lists (Mostly one-sided)