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Filmfare Awards 1997 -- 8th time lucky for Aamir

Well it was far from his best performance but at the end of the day i am sure everyone will agree -- No one out there deserved the best actor award more than Aamir Khan, after he failed to bag it for 7 straight years...He has been nominated every year since his debut year with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak...Karishma deserved the best actress as she was miles ahead of the competition, Manisha despite her tears and emotional acting in Khamoshi could not compare..

But the Filmare awards commitee got it wrong again, for best movie..Raja Hindustani won, but Maachis was zillion times better..I guess like Dilwale Dulhaniya fan craze, the commitee jumped on the Pardesi craze...Even last year Akele Hum Akele Tum was much better..

And best director had to go to Shekar Kapoor, after all the trouble and work he put in Bandit Queen..

Best Supp actor: Amrish Puri (Ghatak)

Best Supp actress: Rekha(cooolll) for KKK

Best Villain: any doubt, the chilling performace of Arbaaz Khan got the node..His performance made Daraar far better than Sleeping with the Enemy, yes probably a first where the indian copy is better than the english version..Directors Abbas Mastan did not hide the terror of Arbaaz, whereas in Sleeping...the cruelty of Julia's husband was quite subtle

Best Lyrics: Javed Akhtar(Ghar Se Nikalte..) --

Best Singer Male: Pardesi Pardesi by Udit

Best Singer Female: Kavita K. for Aaj Mein Upar, i am sure Kavita is reciting these lyrics now..

Best Music : Maachis

Best Comedian: Satish Kaushik(Saajan Chale Sasural)

Govinda and some others got special awards, Newcomers awards went to ChandraChur Singh(Maachis) and Seema Biswas(Bandit Queen, Khamoshi)

Movie News

"Indian" -- the movie starring Sunny Deol and Aishwariya Rai launched it's premier a little more than two weeks ago. Initially Sunny was going to produce it, but he has handed the job down and is going to concentrate on his acting instead. The movie is going to be the most expensive ever and hopefully it can live up to it's huge billing. At the premier Aishwariya looked ravishingly usual...

Aar Ya Paar     
For those who have not yet seen this movie, well what are you waiting for???Finally a movie that breaks from the traditional bondage and gives a movie about the things people yearn for -- money & sex. Well this movie portrays this topic in a very blunt manner, where the glamourous hero is the villian, or is he??? Do circumstances corner him in? That's what the title is all about, AAR YA PAAR -- one decision could change everything, for the good or for the worst.

Last year as usual only a handful of movies were much much better than the rest, with Maachis, Hindustani, Daraar(thanks to Arbaaz's chilling performance), Khamoshi, Saajan Chale Sasural and Jeet(thanks to Sunny's sterling performance) above the rest. But this year looks better, atleast on paper. Aar Ya Paar is definately a good movie with Jackie Shroff, Paresh Rawel and Deepa Sahi(being the director's wife helps) coming up good performances. Newcomer Kamal Sidhu has a lot to learn and has nothing really to offer in this movie, just the fact that the movie revolves around her. Ritu Shivpuri does not look like her great self but she holds her own and is the final nail in the coffin as far as the movie goes. Overall a must see movie, and the music is great in the movie.

In the audio there are 8 songs, however only 4 songs are picturized(5 if you count the song in the credits). The 3 dull songs on the B side of the audio are omitted and good thing too..The title song, which i did not think much of earlier jives in well the movie. And the song "Hulle Hulle" is by far the best of all, and quite steamy for that matter. Venice looks beautiful and the song "Man Chahe Sanam" ensures that you witness Italy at it's finest. In the movie Jackie Shroff gets the role he is supposed to play, that of a slick casanova, who jumps from woman to woman. I don't think this is the role that could be conquered by the chahat of any Baazigar, or any Raja Hindustani, or even a modern day Khiladi for that matter. So I guess you can say that I really liked the movie, for the acting(minus that of Kamal Siddu), the music and the story. Yes unlike most movies this one actually has a plot and sticks to it until the end.

Music Reviews

This is Rajiv Rai' long awaited movie starring Bobby Deol, Kajol & Manisha Koirala..Like Rai's previous movies, the music is given by Viju Shah.. So there are his trademark western beats which really sound good but songs are slow paced for some reason, and not as good as Rai's & Shah's previous chart toppers...The titl;e song could have been a lot better..Considering Tips dished out 80 crore Rs just to get the rights for this movies' songs i expected them to be really good, but they are near & slightly above average.. Maybe more hearings will get me used to them, but at first time they were just ok..but the music is great, the songs slow and seem to really lack energy..

A Rishi Kapoor starrer, so that means the audience will stay away. Rajesh Roshan has given the music, and compared to his other efforts, this one is streets behind..There is one good sone & another passable one,, the music is average, and nothing to rave about..

Well the big thing about this is yet another act of plagirism by Anu Malik, this time he hits Macarena and comes up with his Dil De De De Na. So copying music has became his trademark, in fact it's a very common thing in the indian industry with movie scripts copied more. BUT the main thing in the end is the music, and well despite all the negative publicity, the music is great. Yup it's great...
 Dil De De De Na is a superb song, with Anamika providing the crisp and sexy voice  the song deserved. The lyrics of the entire song are below. I found them very realistic, mind you this is coming from my trip to India last summer after I visited some of the discos. Well that's beyond the point.  

Dil De De De Na, Dil Le Le Le Na -- from the movie Auzaar

Why do you want my dil yaar??

Chalte Chalte mela ladka deewana, bola wohi jo bole koye deewana

Lovely aankhen, meethi baathen , style tera walla walla

Dekte hi seeti mare, karta hai who halla gulla

Ara baba Ara Baba, Kare kya deewana

Ladka jabhi ladki dekhe, gaye yahee gana,

Dil De De De Na, Dil Le Le Le Na
Why do you want my dil yaar??

One day dancing I went to a disco, Kitna bola maine ladkon ko kisco,

Aage peche Daye bayen , bole mujh ko hello hello

Kiska waiting, galte hoge, saath mere chalo chalo

Ara baba Ara Baba, Kare kya deewana

Ladka jabhi ladki dekhe, gaye yahee gana,

Dil De De De Na, Dil Le Le Le Na ..

Mere boyfriend ka naam hai Raja,

Lamba chooda very strong hai woh baba,

phirbhi ladke darte darte mere ghar pe aayen jayeen

Bole rani raja ko tu jaldi karde thyan bayen

Ara baba Ara Baba, Kare kya deewana

Ladka jabhi ladki dekhe, gaye yahee gana,

Dil De De De Na, Dil Le Le Le Na
The second song "Masti Ka Aalam" produces an interesting blend of Ila Arun, Gurdas Maan and the Sabri brothers. And the lyrics jive very well with the music. It depends how one interprets the song, some may find it dull but some might find it exciting.
The third and last song on the first side "I Love you" is quite refereshing.
The B side has 4 songs and they all have varying beats, ranging from soft to modestly fast. But in the end i liked them all. It's not an excellent album but it ranks very high in my mind.


WOW, in my mind one of the best albums of 1996. Until last month i thought the only good song was "Jaadu Bhari Aankhon Wali" and that's why i opted not to buy the album but i was soooooo wrong. Once i bought it, i got hooked onto it's sweet, poetic lyrics and completely soothing music.
Javed Akhtar has a knack for producing mesmerizing lyrics, remember 1942: A Love Story("Ek Ladki ko dekha"), Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander("Pehla Nasha"), and Diljale("Ho Nahin Sakta"). Well this time he does it again..
The A side begins with the soothing "Jaadu Bhari".. The song speaks for itself. The next song "Pal Beet Gaya" did not instantly grab me, but the second time around it got me. 
The third song in my mind is one of the best in that it accomplishes it's goal. Let me explain, remember Daarar and the song Deewana Deewana in that movie. That song showed Arbaaz Khan's obsession for his wife Juhi, and provided ample foreshadowing. 
The song "Tumhe Kaise Baathyon" shows the passion and obsession Sharad Kapoor has for Sushmita.
It is the perfect song for this movie as it sums the entire movie in a nutshell. Maybe i am looking too much into but i love it.
The final song on the A side is a perfect example of the poetic genius of Javed Akhtar. the lyrics "Sheeshay se bani ladki pathar ke nagar mein aaye..." are very refreshing and original.
B side has 4 songs, with two repeated Jadu Bhai and Tumhe kaise baatyon(fast beat). Of the other two "Milne" is not as good as the others. And "Piya Piya" is good but if you watch the video you will love the song, provided you think Sushmita is a babe. She looks stunning in all here songs but in this she steals the camera.
One album definately to avoid as there is nothing there except Anu Malik's Macarena Part II -- Dil Maka Dina. This song is much longer than the Auzaar version but it's not as good as that. The lyrics are good and if given time this song can grow on you..

Dil Maka Dina, Dil Maka Dina -- from the movie Dhaal

Ladko ki aadat hai buri, Ladko ki aadat hai buri

Jabhi koya ladki Dekhe, tabyat hoye hari,

Hai Hai ..Galte se woh muskarye, muskurake nain chuyraye,

nain churake woh sharmaye, samjo ki woh mari

Ladko ko ladki milti rahe, Duniya youn hi chalte rahi

Dil Maka Dina, Dil Maka Dina

But the other songs are bad, and i mean bad..
The other day a friend of mine commented that nearly all the movies coming out today have good music, and Dhaal is the perfect exception to the rest of the music out there. 
Mr. Aashiq:
Of the six songs on this album 4 are excellent and the other two are okay. Jatin-Lalit have never the less given another good album, following last year's Khamoshi, Fareb success. The A side has the three best songs one after the other. The songs are in tune with the title of the movie and very pleasant to listen to. 

Aar Ya Paar:

I bought this album in July 1996, in the same week as it came out. The reason I bought it for was the song "Hulle Hulle" which is quite good. However, the rest of the album is not that great. On the A side, the other good songs are "Dil Diya" and "Man Chahe Sanam", which is a very sweet song. But the B side is dull and this can be said for the title song as well, which is on both sides, once sang by Asha Bhosle and the other time by Jolly Mukherjee. Viju Shah has had much better success with Mohra, Ravan Raaj, Trimurti and recently Tere Mere Sapne. The audio has Shah's trademark westen beats which are quite good. But the B side is which kills the overall album

A very "Tak Taka Tak" Album

Well the music of this album is catchy, at least I thought so. For anyone who has seen the previews, in the song "Dekho Jo Palat Ke -- Qayamat Aa Jaya" -- you get to witness the glamorous body of Shilpa Shetty. And you have to agree that she has the most fit body in the industry, a body which was last seen this good in Main Khiladi Tu Anari in "Churake Dil Mera".. The song Dekho Jo Palat ge is very good and the video makes it look even better. But the song "Tak Taka Tak" is the one currently gaining fame, and is easy to sing to...The third best song has to be "Tune Pya Ka Jadu". However the remixes of this song sound much better than the rest. "Mujhe Ek Ladki", Tere Nagmein", "Abhi Abhi Ayee Jawani" and "Laila Laila" complete the album, with an added track of "Dekho Jo Palat Ke" remixed. Overall I enjoyed this album because of the three top songs. My advice is first see the video's and let Shilpa's magic work on you and then you will want to groove with them tunes.

Tan Tana Tan Tan Ta Ra, Chalte Hai Kya Nouh Se Barah

Well this song is climbing the charts and is up to number 2 on some stations. Forget the lyrics, the music and the "Tan Tana Tan" make this song very catchy. I read somewhere that the lyrics made no sense, NAHAH!! the lyrics make perfect damn sense, if you can't understand them, well you need some hindi lessons..The song is simply a guy asking a girl out to a movie, and that too for a 9-12 pm show(Chalte hai kya noun se barah). I find myself echoing this tune every now and then. The lyrics of this album are by Dev Kohli(with the exception of "East or West"). He gained fame after the excellent job he did in Gambler, remember Govinda's Stop That "Madhuri Dixit Meli Raste Mein, Khaye Chane Humne Saste Mein.."

The next song "Tu Meri Dil Mein Baas Ja" is good because of the music and the senuous voice of Poornima. B side begins with the sweet, enchanting number "Tere Aana Tere Jaana". The next song "Duniya mein aaye hai tu pyar kar le" is just a rehash of the other songs in terms of music and lyrics. "East or West" is Anu Malik's baby. He goes on to praise everything good thing that's indian -- the beauty & charm of an indian woman, the food, monuments, festivals, great leaders, celebrities(like SACHIN, and my fav. Ashwariya & Sushmita)...The rap included in this song is done very well.

The first song on Side A "Oonchi Hai Building" is hmmm how do i put it politely..let's just say you can do without it, maybe the song might add some humour in the video(i have yet to see the movie)..

Overall, this album is good and very "Tan Tana Tan"

VIRASAT -- Payalay Chunmun Chunmun

This Anu Malik -- Javed Akhtar combination has the softest music you will hear in a while. The movie stars Anil Kapoor, Tabu & Pooja Batra. The song "Payalay" is sung twice, once by Kumar Sanu- Chitra and by Chitra alone, is one of the sweetest songs, and quite soothing as well. The music has a lot of feel of Ilaraja to it and Anu Malik adds another dimension to his music array. Upto date I still feel one of his best works to date came in "Phir Tere Kahani Yaad Aaye" which had such sweet music. And this album stays in tune with the theme of the movie, a theme which I learned from watching clips of the movie and hearing of it's story. The movie strives on Anil Kapoor's performance and the music rotates around it. There are 8 songs, and with the exception of one, are all very good. All the songs have that soft music in the background with the beats going up at certain places. The songs also have a flavor of traditional folk music to it ..It's the kind of music which you have to hear to know what I mean..but overall i enjoyed it and listen to regularly..

BORDER -- Anu Malik & Javed Akhtar combination

The reason i bought this album was for the above combination, and well i think despite the music i should have waited. The music is totally based on the theme of the movie. The movie is based on the wars waged in the early 1970's, and stars Sunny Deol, Jackie, Sunil & Akhshay Khanna, plus is directed by J.P. Dutta. So this should give an indication that is it not a mello love story. There are 5 songs, well 4 really and the last one is a patriotic narration given by Khulbhushan Kharbanda.. Like the first song has lyrics, "Ke Ghar Kab Aaoge" conveys who is singing the song and in what situation..The next song "Mere Dushman Mere Bhai" reveals even more war theme...The music is soft, something which Anu Malik can excel in but on 2 hearings i still can't say that i loved it. It's good but not that great..Not one of those which is a must buy.

Hero #1 -- Sona Kitna Sona

That is by far the best song in the album as the rest range from average to even bad. But like previous David Dhawan ventures the rest of the numbers are hummable despite having weird lyrics. There are 2 numbers out of the 7 which are just plain bad. I love that song "Sona Kitna Sona" so i can live with this album..Maybe the movie should be seen first before buying this album..

Sapnay -- Awara Bhawara

This is the best song in the album. The rest have typical A.R. Rehman feel to them, which means there are some which are annoying(ok there's one really irritating). The lyrics are however by Javed Akhtar so there is some thought put into the music. It's soft, and at times soothing..Rehman has had better stuff..

Judaai -- Mujhe Pyar Huya

I found only 2 songs which were good, the title song and "Mujhe Pyar Huya Alla Mai"...There are 2 others which are above average, and there is one sooooo bad that ....But the movie is worth watching

Mrityudand -- Death Sentence

With a cast of Madhuri Dixit, Shabana Azmi, and Shilpa Shirodkar -- you know this is a story oriented movie. And the good music by Anand Milind is made possible by the wordings penned by Javed Akhtar. Yes soft music is in nowadays, and this one continues the trend. Going by the theme of the movie, the songs are in tune with it(I have said that now a lot). There are 6 songs with the best song repeated twice. This album is not for everyone, i am sure. The song "Keh do ek bar sajana" is a very sweet song and is repeated twice to emphasize that point.

KOYLA -- an inferno of love & revenge

I loved the music of this album, with "Ghunghte Mein Chanda", "Dekha Tujhe To" being my favourite numbers. These two songs were the reason i bought this album, and there are 2 others which are good(6 songs total). But this is far from a perfect album, there is one song which does spoil the rhythm.

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