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Address: Sri Vasavi Vidyarthi Vasathi Gruham

H.No :- 1-2-88/B

 Subash Nagar.

 Mahabubnagar, A.P., Email:



About the trust


          Vysyas, commonly representing the trader community in our country, popularly considered economically affluent, however there are many talented vysyas suffering from poverty.  This section of the community has many intelligent and talented candidates, who  do not have the opportunity to pursue higher education. Provided with the right economical support, these candidates can grow their talent, and pursue higher education. With the noble mission of nurturing this untapped vysya talent,  Sri Vasavi Educational Trust  has been established in Mahabubnagar.


     For founding the trust,  and to design the principles and objectives of the trust, renowned vysyas, educationists and other eminent persons in Mahabubnagar District and other areas,  were called and their valuable suggestions sought. The trust has been registered with registration department vide document No 23/B4/07, dated 22nd Jan 2007.


We believe firmly that education is fundamental to shaping the complete personality of a person. Education can help any person in any profession  shine and get a good name. We thus believe that “charity of education is a great service”.  Keeping this main objective in view , “Sri Vasavi Educational Trust”  has been formed.  Financial support to the trust will imply a great service to the society, as it amounts o charity of education.


Presently the Trustees  heading the trust are individually  heads of various organizations,  who have served the society in various capacities. However, we are still seeking support from  more well known persons for their help in furthering and joining the “Sri Vasavi Educational Trust”. 


 We appeal to the general public, Vysyas in particular, to take part in the trust by offering financial aid, and help strengthening the trust economically so that the trust can serve the poor and uplift their standards through education.


     The trust has fixed a target of achieving one crore rupees as a corpus fund.